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Public buildings are among the finest examples of architectural design in our nation. City halls, libraries, museums, and schools embody our democratic system. They effectively demonstrate our ideal of government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”


Antenora Architects aspires to provide our civic clients with the best possible opportunity to create lasting, iconic architecture that not only meets functional and budgetary objectives, but better still, illustrates a community's collective culture, goals, and aspirations.


In doing so, we believe that we provide our clients, and those who work in these buildings, community assets that truly represent Democracy by Design.

“In all of their work with us, I have found Antenora Architects to be knowledgable, professional, easy to work with, and an asset with the architectural aspects of our rapid growth here in Kyle. If our experience is an indicator, I believe AALP could assist you in any capacity you deem appropriate.”


- Thomas L. Mattis, Former City Manager
City of Kyle, Texas

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