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City of Hutto - Future City Hall

Hutto, TX

The City of Hutto, Texas, commissioned Antenora Architects to provide design services for the development of its new City Hall & Municipal Complex on the site of the former Hutto Co-op where generations of local cotton farmers brought their crops for processing and storage. The future City Hall will be the centerpiece of the newly designated Hutto Co-op District, a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use development.


The design of the City Hall reflects the site’s agricultural roots, with a simple modular steel system comprising its essential framework that will provide many years of flexibility as the City of Hutto expands its facilities to accommodate the community's continued growth. While the City Hall is initially planned to encompass 32,000 sf, Antenora Architects' design allows for future expansion to a total of 50,000 sf.



Project Info

Estimated $8.7M

50,000 sf


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