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City of Hutto - Library Master Plan

Hutto, TX

In 2011, Antenora Architects (in partnership with 720 Design) won the commission to develop a Master Plan for the City of Hutto’s Public Library. Currently, the library is located on a site adjacent to the proposed Hutto Co-op District in a partially conditioned building that formerly houses the City’s Volunteer Fire Department.


The Master Plan foresees a multi-phase effort that includes expansion of the library to accommodate complete occupancy within the current facility. Taking into consideration the rapid growth of Hutto, the design team envisions that the size of the enhanced existing facility will eventually become inadequate for the book storage necessary to keep pace with the city's population. Therefore, the team proposes that the library will move across the street into a new Multi-Use ‘Swing’ Building, another component of the Hutto Co-op District Master Plan.


This effort is the most recent collaboration between Antenora Architects and City of Hutto staff to help the municipality study ways to efficiently adapt and creatively improve its existing building stock while also planning the future construction of facilities as they are needed. Such a comprehensive, cost-effective approach will allow city officials to quickly satisfy the community’s growing need for additional services in a methodical and sustainable way.


A significant aspect of this effort was Antenora Architects' facilitating surveys of residents so city staff could better understand the community’s desires for improvements to the municipal library system. As part of the process, library users were invited to offer comments about the future of their public library. Based on that public input, Antenora Architects' findings were presented in a report to the city staff.

Project Info

Estimated $16.6M

60,000 sf


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