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Hillside Townhomes

Fort Worth, TX

Hillside Townhomes 1 Antenora
Hillside Townhomes 2 Antenora
Hillside Townhomes 3 Antenora
Hillside Townhomes 4 Antenora
Hillside Townhomes 5 Antenora

The owner engaged Antenora Architects to maximize the site's potential for residential use. The property is located in the established Hillside neighborhood, immediately adjacent to downtown Fort Worth, which is currently experiencing a revitalization that includes many new urban infill developments.


The design team cleverly configured an assemblage of 18 townhomes, containing either 1,500 sf and 2,000 sf. The design creates a staggered silhouette that alternates between two-story units and three-story units, a rhythmic composition that corresponds with the gently sloping site. This scheme also allows the residences to have private roof decks and balconies oriented toward a view of the downtown skyline. To minimize the building's overall mass, the architects have interspersed the front entrances to either recede from or advance toward the curbside property line.

Project Info

30,000 sf

18 Units



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