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Single Family Homes

Multi-Family Homes

The process of designing and building a single-family home is an intensely personal, and yet highly collaborative endeavor. From the owner, it requires both introspection and forethought; from the architect, it requires the ability to listen and the imagination to envision living in the house alongside the owner and his or her family. Successful architectural design should not only satisfy the owner's needs and aspirations, it should exceed all expectations.


Multi-family residences, an attractive alternative to traditional single-family homes, are often designed as part of mixed-use developments. As such, they require the accommodation of complex design issues involving retail and entertainment establishments, community services, transportation systems, and urban planning.


In both of these types of residential projects, Antenora Architects thoughtfully works with clients to identify and understand their needs, objectives, and tastes to create a solution tailor-made to meet their goals and ultimately add to the quality of life in our neighborhoods and cities.

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