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University Federal Credit Union - Brodie Branch

Austin, TX

UFCU Brodie Branch 1 Antenora
UFCU Brodie Branch 2 Antenora
UFCU Brodie Branch 3 Antenora
UFCU Brodie Branch 4 Antenora
UFCU Brodie Branch 5 Antenora
UFCU Brodie Branch 6 Antenora
UFCU Brodie Branch 7 Antenora
UFCU Brodie Branch 8 Antenora

The culmination of a six-year re-branding effort, this flagship branch of the University Federal Credit Union serves as an eye-catching landmark that also expresses UFCU's progressive approach to financial and investment services.


Remarkably innovative for such a tradition-bound industry, the central interior space emphasizes natural light that denotes an atmosphere of vitality and transparency. Further, the blending of clean lines and bright colors create a welcoming, uncluttered environment for both customers and staff.


Antenora Architects helped the client realize its goal of creating an iconic presence – visually striking and memorable – that supports the reinvigorated UFCU brand. Architecturally distinct, the building also acts as an illuminated billboard and navigational beacon along busy Brodie Lane in Austin.

Project Info


4,161 sf


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