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West 51st Mixed-Use

Austin, TX

West 51st Mixed Use 1 Antenora
West 51st Mixed Use 2 Antenora
West 51st Mixed Use 3 Antenora
West 51st Mixed Use 4 Antenora

West 51st Mixed-Use's innovative design responds to the wishes of an established Austin neighborhood to create a buffer between the community's single-family homes and a busy commercial corridor along its western perimeter. The project evolved after the Brentwood Neighborhood Association adopted a new neighborhood plan in May 2004, which set among its top priorities the need to encourage construction of mixed-use buildings in the area of Burnet Road. 


The result successfully exemplifies precisely the type of project that the neighborhood hoped for. This building features a single professional office tenant on the ground floor with street front access, as well as two residential tenants on the second floor.


Antenora Architects incorporated the foundation of an existing single-family home, along with a portion of its original framing, into the design of the new building. In order to maximize efficiency on the small lot, the design team tucked vehicle parking under the second story. Also, both residential upstairs units are designed with efficient open plans and large exterior decks to capitalize on Austin’s mild climate.  

Project Info


3,200 sf


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