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Dining and being served can be one of the most profoundly civilized acts we perform or enjoy in our lives. Restaurants, cafés, spas, and grocery stores serve to nourish, but this nourishment may be for the soul as much as for the body. The architecture of an eating place, whether a beer garden or a tea room, and the atmosphere created, should be as palatable and appetizing as the cuisine.


Antenora Architects has a wealth of expertise in the hospitality and food service industry. We have designed restaurants, cafés, coffee houses, bars, spas, and grocery stores in 15 states. Because of this broad and practical experience, we offer the ability to incorporate eye-catching design supported by real-world knowledge of this unique market sector.

“You and your team were great partners.  I really appreciated your expertise and passion for the project.  You were always willing to give your input and insight to make the process better and easier...Your creativity shows in the final product."


- Tom Segesta, Former General Manager

Four Seasons Hotel Austin

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